Latest Technologies Developed For The Online World

The unstoppable expansion of online gambling is an irrefutable reality. In this regard, Statista Market Insights (2023) predicts a worldwide valuation of US$ 95.05 billion for this industry by the end of 2023. This same source projects an increase to US$ 131.9 billion by 2027, representing an annual growth of 8.54%.

Such industry development rate has been – and will continue to be – driven by the irruption of technologies resulting from the so-called Digital Revolution. Among these innovations, virtual reality, 3D animation, augmented reality, Blockchain, Gaming Cloud, and artificial intelligence are the most common in the online world.

Immersive Experience Technologies

Virtual reality and augmented reality – VR and AR, for short – are part of an unstoppable trend in the online arena: immersive experiences. In fact, predictions by leading-edge technology academics claim that these types of innovations will dominate the gaming industry in the medium term.

Contributions of immersive technologies to the online industry

  • Optimization of the user experience, who could have the impression of being in a physical establishment with just a good Internet connection, by playing their favorite games such as poker, blackjack, or roulette, by applying the best strategies such as the semi-bluff for poker or the martingale casino strategy for the roulette. 
  • Significant increase in opportunities to generate valuable interactions – monetizable by the companies involved – between users, operators, and software developers;


Many of the world’s most reputable online worlds have established payment systems anchored on Blockchain technology. This strategy has allowed them to take advantage of their competitors, as their users can pay with Bitcoin or Ether. In addition, players with previous experience in the crypto world know how secure and anonymous this payment method can be.

Advantages of the use of blockchain in online

  • Increased security and privacy protection thanks to the decentralized and immutable nature of the blockchain system;
  • Increased transparency and fairness in financial transactions: being a technology impossible to manipulate, users can quickly check the integrity of an online world that relies on Blockchain technology;
  • Faster and more effective transactions (reduced processing time for withdrawals);

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the last five years in the online industry. The first benefit is that it can function as a data collection and evaluation center that can be used to optimize the user experience. Likewise, it allows for better communication between users and the companies involved in online gaming.

Advantages of implementing cloud gaming in the online world

  • Possibility of gathering information related to the evaluation of specific user behaviors;
  • Facilitates the generation of individualized user experiences;
  • Enables the implementation of a high-quality gaming interface due to faster loading times;

Artificial Intelligence

The development of AI in the online world has triggered fascinating effects. Contrary to popular belief, it is a more widespread technology in the gaming industry than the public realizes. For example, when a user communicates with customer service (the first assistance point is usually a chatbot).

Present and future of online with artificial intelligence

  • Like cloud gaming, artificial intelligence facilitates the creation of personalized user experiences;
  • AI is increasingly used to detect and prevent fraud in monetary transactions, both by users and operators;

This technology provides very relevant information when designing games with a more remarkable power of engagement on par with an aesthetic perfectly adjusted to the theme of each game.

3D animations

Portals specialized in news agree to predict that 3D slots will be the dominant format of slots shortly. Indeed, 3D animations are already applied today to improve the aesthetic impact of online slot machines and immerse the player in a more realistic interface.

Likewise, 3D graphics have been incorporated through updates to classic titles and new releases (especially those inspired by movie or video game franchises). Therefore, integrating this technology is a priority for the world’s most renowned software developers. Among them are NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play N’ Go.

Advantages of incorporating 3D animations in online games

  • Possibility of optimizing graphics and sound effects;
  • This technology brings a greater power of engagement and innovative ways to expose the plots of the games;
  • Generation of interactive experiences;
  • Enables the creation of more visually appealing bonuses.
  • Outstanding examples of slot machines with 3D animations
  • Play with Cleo, by Dragon Gaming;
  • Cyberpunk City, by Woohoo Games;
  • Jurassic Park Remastered, from Microgaming;
  • Fury of Zeus, from Woohoo Games;
  • Big Bass Bonanza, from Pragmatic Play;
  • Dead or Alive by NetEnt.
  • Other emerging technologies are applied to the online world.

Big Data

Many operators have harnessed the power of Big Data to build predictive analytics and data models based on player behavior. Collects information about titles chosen, time of use, bonuses activated, and most visited pages. All this is to create a personalized experience and show the games the user likes the most.

Live Gaming

Live Gaming is a modality that arose from combining streaming transmissions and artificial intelligence. In this case, the objective is to replicate the experience of a traditional (physical). Thus, the user can interact with dealers and other real players from the location of their choice.

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