Who is the Skyrizi Commercial Actress? Find Out Here

Skyrizi has taken the advertising world by storm with its new commercial, featuring a quirky and relatable actress. Many viewers are left wondering who this actress is, and where she came from. With Skyrizi gaining popularity in the competitive pharmaceutical market, it only makes sense for viewers to want to know who’s behind the captivating commercial.

Let’s take a deep dive into the identity of the Skyrizi commercial actress and explore her background, bringing you all the details you’ve been curious about. Join us in the search for the face behind the colorful ad campaign that’s left everyone talking.

Who is the Actress in the Skyrizi Commercial?

 The Skyrizi commercial actress has been the talk of the town lately as she appears in the advertisement for the prescription medication that helps treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults. Her name is Tiffany Haddish, and she is an American actress, comedian, and author. In the Skyrizi ad, Haddish acts as an empowered and confident woman who has conquered her skin condition and can step out with ease.

The commercial portrays Haddish enjoying the freedom to wear what she wants while sharing her positive experience with Skyrizi’s medication. Tiffany Haddish is not new to the entertainment industry. She has been in the limelight since her breakthrough performance in the 2017 movie, Girls Trip. She has also appeared in other films, including Night School, Like a Boss, and The Kitchen. Furthermore, Haddish has numerous accolades to her credit, including winning an Emmy Award for her role in the comedy series, Saturday Night Live. She has also authored two books.

The Last Black Unicorn and Black Mitzvah. With her talents and achievements, Haddish has become an inspiring figure to many and is undoubtedly an excellent choice for the face of the Skyrizi ad campaign.

Meet the Other Actors of Skyrizi Ads

In addition to the original Skyrizi spokesperson, Cyndi Lauper, Skyrizi commercials have featured several other actors who bring their own style and flair to the ads. One of these actors is the commercial actress named Nadine Marissa, who is featured in the “Walk Into the Clear” Skyrizi commercial.

In the ad, she plays a woman who feels liberated after starting Skyrizi treatment and is shown confidently strutting down the street in high heels. Nadine Marissa has previously acted in shows such as “Jane the Virgin” and “The Mindy Project” and has also appeared in national commercials for brands such as Verizon and Target. Another actor featured in Skyrizi commercials is Jake Johnson, who is best known for his role as Nick Miller in the hit TV show “New Girl”.

In his Skyrizi ad, he portrays a man who is able to live his life freely after starting Skyrizi treatment. Finally, Skyrizi commercials also feature actor and comedian Craig Robinson, known for his roles in “The Office” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Robinson appears in a Skyrizi ad where he plays a man who is no longer held back by his psoriasis and is shown enjoying life to the fullest. These actors bring their own unique personalities and experiences to the Skyrizi commercials and help to communicate the message of living life without the limitations of psoriasis.

Skyrizi Commercial Actress Success

The Skyrizi Commercial Actress has played a significant role in the success of Skyrizi’s commercials. The ads have been highly effective, earning Skyrizi commercial success and making it one of the top-selling drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. The commercials, which showcase the actress’s powerful message and personal story, have struck a chord with viewers and have inspired those suffering from skin conditions to seek treatment with Skyrizi.

These commercials have contributed to the overall success of the pharmaceutical industry, making pharmaceutical companies more invested in creating effective advertisements that not only promote their products but also significantly influence sales. These ads have also highlighted the importance of selecting the right actors to deliver the message to the public. The Skyrizi Commercial Actress has played a crucial role in effectively communicating the benefits of Skyrizi to the general public, which has helped the public better understand the drug’s uses and benefits.

Her strong and heartfelt appearance in the ads has also helped build a deeper connection between the viewers and the drug, making them more confident in choosing Skyrizi as their treatment. In summary, the Skyrizi Commercial Actress and Skyrizi commercials have brought about a new level of success to the pharmaceutical industry, illustrating the significance of effective communication and selecting the right actors to promote products to the public. 


In conclusion, this blog post has discussed the Skyrizi commercial actress and her impact on the advertisement of the product. We have learned about the actress Abby Quinn and how she has been chosen to portray the role of a young woman struggling with psoriasis. The commercial highlights the benefits of Skyrizi in treating the condition and the positive impact it has had on people’s lives.

Moreover, we also discussed how the advertisement campaign has focused on the empowerment and confidence of individuals living with psoriasis, rather than just the treatment. In final thoughts, it is undeniable that Abby Quinn’s portrayal in the Skyrizi commercial has been highly effective in delivering the message of hope and relief for people living with psoriasis. The commercial has generated a lot of interest and discussion among people and has contributed to raising awareness about the condition.

It is commendable that Skyrizi has chosen to feature a real person with psoriasis in their commercial, instead of resorting to artificial imagery. The Skyrizi commercials and their actors have successfully conveyed the message of hope and confidence to people living with psoriasis, and have encouraged them to seek help and treatment. Overall, the Skyrizi commercial with Abby Quinn has been a powerful tool for spreading awareness and promoting self-confidence among people with psoriasis, and will undoubtedly continue to have a positive impact. 

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